‘Live the current moment; it’s all we have’ – says Tony, Founder of Cynosure Shop, an Online Shopping & Retail Store.


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing TonyFounder of Cynosure Shop, an Online Shopping & Retail Store for Men & Women! 

Please tell us about your journey.

Cynosure Shop is born out of quarantine, my long story cut short now begins. At the start of 2020, my family of 3 were residing in Bangkok, Thailand, where I was on another model contract. My wife and I first met here years back, and we’ve been to “The Land of Smiles” several times. Then some terrible news struck us out of nowhere. A family member was very ill so, we quickly relocated to Argentina. As soon as we arrived, the country lockdown and quarantine took place, and I’ve been sort of stuck here for 1 year. With no income and money going out plus credit debt piling up, I’ve entered the dungeons & dragons of e-commerce and created something fun and colorful!

Please tell us about your online store, Cynosure Shop. 

After long nights of brainstorming and pulling hair out, Cynosure Shop was slowly being put together with an entirely new adventure ahead of me! Since I’ve been modeling internationally for 11 years, there’s some understanding of what’s fashionable and fun. So, I’m using this as a catapult into eCommerce. To say my journey’s been a rollercoaster is a perfect visual with figuring out what to sell and why, getting suppliers on board, social media frustrations, marketing newness, and the entire path has been exciting and insightful. To say the least, each day has been like jumping hurdles and climbing over walls. Every entrepreneur’s story has its own twists!


What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

Asking questions and seeking guidance from others for whatever it was that I needed. Nobody successful now or in the past ever did it alone. The term “self-made millionaire” was from smart people with a vision delegating responsibilities and so much more. I’m a bit all over the place at the moment with a 2.5-year-old daughter tugging at my pant leg while trying to focus on loads of different topics, so my time is limited, and this is a personal setback. The drive to continue and so many personal struggles from last year has fuelled me to keep going and open my laptop each day. A touching personal truth, a few months ago, I didn’t have money for diapers or couldn’t buy groceries. It’s such a humiliating feeling as a father and husband when truth like this hits due to the pandemic. With my situation bringing frustrations, I will not give up until people understand where the website came from and what it’s all about.


Any message for our readers.

If I can inspire you as the reader to use my situation last year as an example. Not out of ego or to create envy or to feel pity, it’s to simply hear me out and take action for whatever it is that you wish to accomplish.

Last year I experienced 8 deaths, whether directly in front of me with close people or with people who were just standing next to me that I hugged and didn’t know, to loving family members in other countries whom I never had the chance to say goodbye or even hear their voice again. Only one of the individuals was from a confirmed case of Covid. Riding the wake of destruction in every form possible epiphanies handed me truths about life. Live the current moment; it’s all we have. Accept death; it is the only certainty about life. Everything else is a strange chance with cause and effect through the choices we do or do not make.


So, how can people find out more about you?

You can check out Cynosure’s online store or drop an email at cynoshopinfo@gmail.com. You can also check out Pinterest and Youtube channel.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!


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