K-Live Clothing Line’s amazing collection is being unraveled on 4th December, 2020 on their online store – says Founder Mr. Kapish.


Established in 2011, K-Live Entertainment / H.I.T Promo Limited is a Private Limited company formed by Osarenren John Ogbebor – ‘Popularly known as Mr. Kapish‘ (U.K. Afro Hip-Hop Pioneered Legend ).

It is an independent registered Music, Arts, and Fashion label. It covers arts management, music promotion, fashion, online public/media relations & publicity, advertisement, directing, and sponsorship.

K-Live Entertainment / H.I.T. Promo (High Intellectual Team Promotion) Ltd also covers every range and aspect of Networks planning, Management, Promotion of events like launches, Movie Premieres, Music concert, Comedy shows, Corporate functions, Gala events, and After-parties. We direct all types of events and Musical videos and provide dancers, models, and make-up artists. K-Live’s Motto is “We have the know-how you need.”

Our History

K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo limited was legally registered in England and Wales on 1st February 2016 with registration number 09980978 and V.A.T. Reg N0: 353 9693 57. Its head office is located in London, United Kingdom. We are an independent music record label that got its grip from the bottom by creating events, signing arts, and nurturing their artistic career.

We started with Afro-Hip Hop musical artists and were able to get recognition in the African and Western region despite being founded in the United Kingdom.

As a debut, we signed five musical artists. K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo nurtured, managed, and sponsored their musical and artistic careers during their contractual artistic/musical agreement. The record label is continually on the lookout for Grime artists / R&B artists.




K-Live Entertainment is the mainstream /head section that covers all the artists, and it’s artist’s music records under K-Live Entertainment /H.I.T. Promo, events, and music downloads. The entertainment section/platform carries the whole talents/artists under/registered to K-Live Entertainment. The D.J.’s, actors, and it’s registered /signed professional models and every other arts in the entertainment sections such as the dancers, make-up artists, photographers, videographers, and professional stylist/director are all under the history of K-Live Entertainment. On this platform, you can glance through each section of the K-Live Entertainment Artists, Record Label, Events, make Bookings, and Music Downloads.



K-Live management is the home and the head office platform that overseas and carries out all it’s artists services management for artists promotion, advert placement, music concert/movie premier, fashion advice/director, event /corporate functions, clothing & accessories. The K-Live management handles and supervises the talents signed under K-Live management, such as the actors, music artists, models, dancers, make-up artists, choreographers, photographers, videographers, D.J.s, and fashion stylists/directors. On this platform, you can glance through each section of the K-Live Management Services, Talent, Sign Up, and make Bookings.



K-LIVE clothing line is derived from K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo Ltd. Its official brand colors are five (5) main official colors that are (Green, Purple, Yellow, White, and Black). These colors all stand and represent the BRAND K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo Ltd. Each has its different essential roles in its BRAND historic and still ongoing history while color GREEN is the major/main and overall among all colors representing K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo Ltd.

The brand was rebranded from its mixture of Green, yellow and purple to be branded to overall Green to stand fully and its clothing line is our brand (K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo Ltd.) and style of K-Live KL London, K-Live KL, and KL London designed for the K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo limited clothing line.


Our clothing is a hundred percent (100) cotton materials, 3D embroidered on all our clothing line merchandise and none printed materials/merchandise. Our accessories are also same design’s for the 

K-Live KL London, K-Live KL, and KL London designs on our high fashion end exclusive rhinestone masks, to comprehend your occasional outfits wear/to high ceremonial event or occasions and also available are our everyday /daily use K-Live flocks masks, and both masks are made in London United Kingdom by Cest Fade Ltd.


K-Live men’s original leather wallet and women’s original leather purses also have the same designs with a spectacular embossed around, and that is on the way for K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo Ltd. clothing line launching to be added. We have more branded designed accessories on K-Live acrylic stickers on our three (3) official designs: 

  • K-Live KL London
  • K-Live KL
  • KL London

The K-Live logo magnetic is K-Live KL Entertainment designed only. 

OUR Keyholders/key rings, iPhone cases are also of the same official designs of K-Live, and our give away calendars also come with our K-Live KL London, K-Live KL, and KL London designs. 

K-Live clothing line/shop comes with an official K-Live give away carrier bags of high-end styles and large sizes on both white and purple K-Live Entertainment official brand colors. Our mailer poly also comes on our official brand designed, both on small and large sizes available for your everyday shopping 24 hours on K-Live.org shop platform and always expect surprised gifts/goodies from K-Live shop whenever you shop/buy online or outlets from us at your convenient time/place.

K-Live 2020 Clothing Line Photo & Video Editorial Shoots can be watched on Youtube:

Contact Information:

Telephone: 02087787562

Mobile Tel: 07769249592

Email IDs: Info@K-Live.org, MrKapish@K-Live.org

Website: http://www.K-Live.org

Twitter: @K_Live_HitPromo

Instagram: @KLiveHitPromo, @MrKapishOJO2nd

Facebook: KLiveent.HitPromo



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