If you want to be successful, take risks – says Rakesh Tammabattula, Business Partner at Dr. J’s Natural


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Rakesh Tammabattula, Business Partner at Dr. J’s natural and CEO of QYK Brands.

Rakesh, please tell us about your journey.

I have a tech background and have been in manufacturing, development, and have established several patents for many years now. Dr. J, my business partner, has a background and experience with compounding drugs throughout her career, which is complementary to what we do together at Dr. J’s Natural. 

Further complimentary is that from the first day, we were able to merge unique, individual skill sets and birth something genuinely constructive and inspiring. Dr. J has always had the vision to leverage the downside of Western medicine by integrating natural solutions acquired from her global experience. 

As such, QYK Ventures is truly a combination of Dr. J and my passions and interests. One of our most successful products was the QYKSonic Zoe, an advanced skincare device that was a drastically improved product in the skincare industry. Together, we took a step forward to make health and beauty far more advanced and efficient. We are essentially taking a step to provide overall health and wellness without the need for invasive surgery. 

What inspired you to start Dr. J’s Natural?


In Essence, my inspiration and certainly my motivation is to bring quality products in the health, wellness, skincare, beauty, and nutraceuticals with advanced technical tools and superior products, including essentials like face masks, hand and surface sanitizers. Even before the 2020 Pandemic, we had the vision to provide a wide variety of essential health and wellness products. Still, it all started with Dr. J’s Natural because we were already offering nutraceuticals and supplies in the wellness industry. But, with QYK Sonic, we advanced quickly through our technology and positive feedback. 

What were the biggest challenges you faced during the life of your company?

We’ve been involved in many aspects of the health and wellness industry, and our focus shifts based on need. We thrive on adapting to circumstances, and we have been lucky to see things coming together. It really is about adapting, being nimble enough to pivot quickly, and listening to our community. We stand by our philosophy of offering wellness products and solutions. Our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of our community. Our clients represent our brand, and we vowed to stay loyal to their needs. I think by putting people first, we keep them happy, be it our employees or our customers. That’s our driving force and what enables us to overcome challenges. 

With an emphasis on quality, we will always feel like something is missing that we want to invent or resolve quickly with our community in mind. We had to self-finance because of the risky nature of the business, but in doing so, we’ve had to take prudent and calculated risks to ensure we manage all of our operations effectively. 

You had grown exponentially in 2020 when others struggled or disappeared altogether; please throw some light on your experience.

We have shifted our focus to products that were in much shortage and invested heavily to produce them through severe challenges, and we seek to overcome them by strengthening our capabilities. We are doing everything we can to keep everything we do in-house to keep producing our products and integrating vertically to recently overcome the supply chain issues. By investing in our infrastructure, we know that we are taking care of our community because we provide more opportunities. 

You have been so successful in the Natural Health Supplement Industry; what strategies helped you?

Success, by definition, is certainly not dictated by luck. We have worked extraordinarily hard to be able to seize and provide opportunities. I think our ability to put in all of our efforts and energy in everything we do enables us to make the most of opportunities. 

Indeed, we have grown, but it was not easy — we took enormous risks and put in 200 percent into building our venture. In fact, since the Pandemic, everyone at the company worked much more than they were “supposed” to. Everyone went above and beyond to operate as a united front against almost huge odds. Our success is truly the result of a collaborative team effort as a means to conquer challenges and turn them into opportunities for everyone involved. 

In fact, part of our internal investments, especially when it comes to manufacturing, include employing people in our community, local individuals who were in need of opportunities, like a job, and who wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves as a means to give back. Giving local employment is one of the most satisfying things we can do. Bringing manufacturing back home locally is also empowering as products are of better quality.

What are your future goals for Dr. J’s Natural?

I like to think I’m a visionary because, at heart, I am a creator, an innovator — and take on any project with an entrepreneurial mind and spirit. Our company, QYK Brands, looked at problems with Dr. J’s experiences in the industry, and we, together, aspire to consistently build and improve on what we were developing. Part of that mission is to improvise and breathe in new life to what was already packaged, if you will, by Dr. J. 

Our goal is to be the market leader in the home, healthcare, wellness, and cleaning PPE essentials. Offering high quality with a human touch is what inspires us and keeps us going.

Part of that mission is to constantly improve our products and provide better, ever-evolving products to our clients, and to maintain excellent customer service. We would not be here without our clients, and we are grateful to have a loyal base, which is a huge factor in our success. 

The future goal is to widen our offering and develop more products with sustained quality and value. We will be expanding domestic manufacturing and all of our efforts as a means to rely less on the international supply chain. Being self-sufficient will enable us to create our own products tailored to the needs of the community.

Any message for our readers.

If you want to be successful, take risks, and focus your efforts. We have needed to be persistent, and we’ve needed to rely on each other as a team. If you find yourself in need, remember to take one thing at a time and never lose sight of your goals or who you are as an individual. Being true to yourself is rewarding in more ways than one.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time. We wish you all the best for your journey ahead.


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