How a girl from small town of China ultimately reached US to live the American dream. Lets hear the story of Entrepreneur Wen Zhang…


Meet Wen Zhang, the co-founder of EverGreener. Adorned with ambition and an inspiring life journey, Wen’s inborn desire to discover the deeper purpose of life led her to achieving her most unimaginable dreams. Her accomplishments have motivated her to give the world the tools to do the same.

The sheer determination written on the pages of Wen’s story is profound. She grew up in an isolated mountain town on the outskirts of rural China where no one spoke English or knew how to use Google. Although Wen had no access to internet, technology, or major forms of transport, she never gave up on her avid desire for advancement. A chance encounter with an English Second Language learning book led her to teach herself English. Four years later, after plenty of progress paired with an equal amount of hardship and pain, Wen finally made it out of her town and into the bigger world. Today, she is an incredible self-made success story that awakens possibility in others. You can check out her inspirational journey towards the American Dream on her podcast here.

Wen’s transformative journey and the ability to make her wildest aspirations come true inspired her with a life mission to empower others to achieve their most desired goals too! We all daydream about the life we wish to manifest into our reality. For some, it’s getting into a healthier shape- whether that’s mentally, physically, emotionally, or all three. Others are ready to start their own business or build stronger and more meaningful relationships in their life. Whatever you want to achieve, it’s common that the road map to reaching your goals is not always clear or easy to follow.


Our Brand Story

At EverGreener, we want to give you a compass that directs you towards the future you truly deserve. It’s our mission to create a world where no dream is unfulfilled. Whether you are still in school, just starting your career, or enjoying your retirement, EverGreener offers the life-changing tools and advice that will leverage you with the skills to set goals that align with your vision of a successful life. By focusing on physical health, mental acuity, and financial well-being, we believe people can cultivate the sense of balance needed for expansion and growth.

Our products are designed to empower you on your journey of transformation. By clarifying your intentions and planning the path ahead through daily, weekly, and monthly steps, you will have a game plan that keeps you accountable and motivated. A simple commitment to being 1% better today than you were yesterday will leave you amazed at the incredible progress achieved by the end of the year!

Allow the tools we have created to ignite a sense of consistency and productivity that has you quantum leaping into the life of your true aspirations. It’s time to stop dancing around the desires you think about daily and dive into the ocean of dreams you know you deserve! We’re here to support you on your road to making your dreams a reality.

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