Holiday gift seekers love the luxury collection of Home Décor Expert and Stylist Russell Brightwell!


After spending 30 years in the Advertising industry in New York, London, and Houston, Russell Brightwell is a distinguished Home Décor Expert and Stylist. He works with architects, interior designers, and individual clients as a Stylist and curator of all things beautiful. 

With an appointment, clients can visit his Fair Park loft | showroom to peruse a myriad of vintage design objects, collectibles, art and editions, ceramics, and a library of art, fashion, and photography books. 

From architect-designed tableware to near impossible to find fashion and design collaborations, his “stock” is a reflection of his lifetime of collecting and ever-evolving taste and interests. And most likely, these be unavailable anywhere else in Texas, and maybe the US.

In addition to trade and retail sales, He works directly with interior designers to create the texture and depth that can make a room sing, pulling from his current inventory or gathering items to order for a specific project from an international network of resources. 


Many seek him out when they want rare collectible items. The holiday season is unquestionably his most hectic time of year.  

Today, he is sharing the most unique vintage and out of production luxury gifts in 2020.

“I wanted to share some rare holiday gifts from my expertise given the rise in online sales after the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“By sharing my wealth of knowledge and a broad range of unique luxury products, buyers will find something interesting even if they have the most discerning tastes.” 

The following are various hot items from the Russell Brightwell Luxury Holiday Gift Guide. Shoppers would love to check them out.

Visionaire 18 Fashion Special X Louis Vuitton 


To some degree, Every issue of Visionaire is about fashion, but Issue 18 was the first all-out Fashion Special. Forty-four photographers, artists, and image-makers were asked to give their individual interpretation of clothing. This issue is housed in a custom-designed and produced Louis Vuitton folio.

Michael Graves Pendulum “03 Mantel Clock”

Mantel Clock

Michael Graves was a famed American architect and designer of consumer products. He was a member of ‘The New York Five’ and a professor of architecture at Princeton University for approximately forty years. 

Nils Thorsson Royal Copenhagen BACA Vase Fawn

BACA Vase Fawn

Nils Thorsson’s was Artistic Director at Royal Copenhagen. His precise approach to surface design can be seen in the highly detailed and intricate relief pattern. This is the rare vase from the BACA series.  



American artist popularly known as KAWS(Brian Donnelly), began his career adding his graffiti to fashion advertising on New York phone booths and bus shelters in the 1990s. He has created a huge collection, including sculptures, paintings, and collaborations with apparel and toy firms. 

Holiday gift seekers can see the full collection on as well as visit his loft/showroom in Dallas, Texas.  


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