CW Hawkins believes that no cause is too small and every cause is worth working for! She shares Expansion Business Partner Opportunity!


In 2006, a team of family and friends led by Miss Pastor Cheryl Warner-Hawkins formed an internationally recognized NGO CW Hawkins, located in New York, in memory of her beloved Grandmother, Minister Thelma Lee Moten. Since then, the NGO has grown in size and numbers. It has expanded its reach to reach out to the maximum number of people worldwide. The NGO’s mission is to encourage, enrich, and empower the society and work towards its upliftment.

CW Hawkins believes that no cause is too small and every cause is worth working for. That’s why, be it care for the elderly, healthcare and upliftment of poor women and children or care for animals, CW Hawkins is a unique organization which caters to the needs of society as a whole.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Cheryl Warner-Hawkins, CEO and Founder of multiple corporations with over 25 years of experience in the business. 

Please tell us more about what you do.

I have three websites and two New York State Corporations. I am also the founder of CWhawkins & Associates, a real estate company based in Albany, New York. I am an investor and am looking to connect with Investment Funding. 

Please let us know what are you looking for?

I am seeking Business Partners in the USA & Worldwide. I want to recruit – Business Fundraising interested people. This is a unique career that includes helping others and it is an excellent income opportunity!

If someone is interested, I will train them. The person needs to be compassionate and business-minded, a goal setter, and an independent worker. 

The person can get the opportunity to work in many new locations in the USA & Worldwide. Proper training will be provided. I am looking for a mature business minded person who is over 18 years of age with at least 500.00 US Dollars to get started. Profits will be shared equally 50-50.


Any message for our readers.

My message to everyone who wants to be successful is not to waste your time. You should be aware of what you really want to do in life. Time cannot be brought back, not even yesterday!

Know thyself no matter what. Learn To Give Back To The Universe & Others!


How can people find out more about you?

You can check out my websites:

Or, give us a call at 1-800 670-9037 which is 24/7 Information Line – Toll-Free 1-347 664-8890 Cell/Text USA

Take a leap of faith and get in touch with us. You can donate today to Thelmashouse Street Reach Ministries and take action now.

You can check us out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn @ Thelmashouse Street Reach Ministries. Or, you can simply Google: CW Hawkins – Thelmashouse Street Reach Ministries.


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