Check out Color Me JBC: Fruits, ABC Coloring & Picture Book for Kids by Author Chanel L. Ashford


Chanel L. Ashford presents Color Me JBC: Fruits, ABC Coloring + Picture Book of Healthy and Exotic Fruits, a book for kids to learn about holistic nutrition and healthy eating that will empower them to make better decisions for themselves.

Chanel was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder in 2019, and that changed her life. She started to research how she could change and improve her health, and that led to a holistic transformation that inspired a business. Chanel started curating and creating products that she herself uses with a combination of traditional recipes from Belize, Eastern remedies, Western practices, and delicious combinations of flavors to provide healthy foods and juices with an appealing mix of health and flavor. Currently, Chanel is based in Los Angeles.


The focus of the company is to provide healthy foods to everyone, regardless of income level, as today, inequality contributes a lot to disparities in well-being and food as well. The goal Chanel has is to help and support her community, and one part of her project is nutritional literacy; and Color Me JBC is the first of the educational book series focused on the topic. 

ColorMeJBC JBC Explorers is an inclusive program that provides information and awareness about the need for healthy and holistic nutrition in low-income areas, offering children the necessary tools to improve their eating habits and seek out better food options. The book is done with national recipes from Belize and available options in mind. As part of the program, Chanel is headed to Belize, her home country, to donate some of the books to the preschool where she studied in June, to take the eating program beyond Los Angeles. 


The first coloring book is an ABC coloring book focused on healthy and exotic fruits across the world, especially those that can be found in Belize and Central America. Chanel draws from her expertise as a Special Education K-2 Teacher, understanding very well that early education on healthy eating is an essential part of staying healthy throughout one’s life.


The coloring book provides an easy and fun way for kids to learn about healthy fruit and improve their nutritional literacy. With high-quality art and useful information, it can serve as an introduction to the topic of nutrition and help kids acquire better tools for their daily eating habits, encouraging them to seek out better choices. Chanel is also developing a series of books and projects that will create diverse workbooks and storybooks to help kids learn nutritional, language, and cultural skills and awareness. The JBC program is meant to support kids in any situation, but especially those living in low-income situations, and foster cultural tolerance and understanding through the basis of delicious and healthy food.


You can visit the program’s website or follow Chanel Ashford on Instagram @juicebychanel. You can get the book here

Chanel is currently growing and expanding her book series to become a comprehensive educational project for kids on a sorely needed topic.



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