Cadence.Co – The first and only Social Network for Aspies, ADHD and more launched by KayeCee Austin


PaxJones Team: Thank you for joining us today. For those who aren’t familiar, please share a little about yourself.

KayeCee: Thank you for having me. I’m KayeCee Austin, a Tech Entrepreneur, Entertainer, and Mindset Coach.

PaxJones Team: So we hear, as an Amazon Best Selling Author, that you have your fourth book coming out soon. It’s called “Cadence.Co”. Tell us more about that.

KayeCee: Yes. Thank you. Cadence.Co is the name of my newest project under my company TG2M Media & HR. It is a first of its kind social network platform geared towards members with Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, Bi-Polar, and other neurodiverse personalities. Neurodiverse means, thinking, and behaving differently. Our community embraces everyone and their family from infancy to adulthood.

This project is near and dear to me because I am an adult with Aspergers, also known affectionately as an “Aspie.”

Many of you have probably more commonly heard of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Aspergers is a part of the spectrum. It is known as high-functioning Autism.



Coming from a Native American and all around the multi-racial ethnic background, words like this weren’t thrown around. Let me be clear, my parents were two highly educated individuals and kept things one hundred with us, but they didn’t believe in making excuses for any “perceived” shortcomings one may have had. They instilled in me that I could achieve anything with faith, hard work, passion, and patience.

I created my tech platform, Cadence.Co, for many reasons. Some of them are obviously personal, but the main reason is on a universal level. I love solving universal problems.

PaxJones Team: Aspergers is very rare in women, correct?

KayeCee: You’re correct. Aspergers is very rare in women and affects men four times more than women. My colleagues and family tease me that I’m solving a “man’s problem” with my company. I laugh and kindly state, “Nah. I’m solving a universal problem.” I’ve always believed what may be another person’s problem today may be yours tomorrow, so better be prepared than sorry. Well, I took that mindset into this process when I decided to build my Social Platform.
It actually wasn’t hard to come at this decision because I realized that although Aspergers is more common in men and boys— my now eight-year-old daughter, Cadence was born with it also.

After we received the results from my daughter’s genetics testing, it was explained how a girl can be born with ASD. If a father is found to have either the “trait” for Aspergers Syndrome or actually was born with it coupled with a rare mother who was born with it, you will likely have a daughter who is born with ASD.


PaxJones Team: All of this is just amazing and commendable KayeCee. So tell us a little bit about the process that went into naming your social network platform.

KayeCee: Well, Cadence— Cadie, for short, motivates me to be all I can be every day, so it was simple for me to come up with the name for the company. Some of you may know that I retired from the United States Army. I’m sure many more of you have seen films of soldiers marching and someone yelling, then the soldiers repeating what the “yeller” is saying. Well, that is called “cadence calling.” It’s rhythmic pacing used to essentially “motivate soldiers to victory.” Hence the name of my company, Cadence, and our tagline “Motivating You To Victory!” I created this Social Platform not only to help families and individuals survive but to thrive themselves to victory. I always say, “Whatever victory means for them.”

My principal reason for creating Cadence.Co is to really let it sink in that Aspergers/Autism/ADHD and other neurodiverse diagnoses— do not end when one turns 18. It is a life long journey of struggle, resilience, passion, and hard work.
I learned the hard way. I’m still learning. I created my company, so my daughter, Cadence, and her peers can grow up in a world where being neurodiverse— thinking and behaving differently is widely accepted and not feared or ignored. Additionally, as adults— they will know that even though they may not still live at home (for those who move out), they still have a supportive community at their fingertips.

PaxJones Team: It has been a real treat having you here today, KayeCee! Can you share your social media handles so we can stay up to date with you, especially when your book drops?

KayeCee: Of course. Thank you. The website is
You can check out my Instagram and Twitter @kayeceeaustinmusic.
My YouTube and Vimeo Channels are Talk Geeky 2Me.
You can find me on Facebook as KayeCee Oz and KayeCee Austin.

PaxJones Team: Thank you again, KayeCee Austin, and we know the platform is going to continue to do well as this is very much needed in our society today!


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