Founder of When in Need Coaching Solutions, Ms Cyndi The Life Coach helps her clients achieve their goals.


“When life becomes overwhelming and leaves you feeling like you have lost all control, don’t allow fear to paralyze you. … You have the power to beat all odds and position yourself to win”

– Ms Cyndi

Can you be successful even if your life has been hard? Can you rise to the top and make your dreams a reality? Can you change destructive behavior to reach your true goals? With the right support, you definitely can.

Ms Cyndi The Life Coach, is quite a versatile professional and provides a wide variety of services to transform people’s lives. 

She provides life coaching, does social work, is a specialist in anger management, and also is an ordained Minister. Additionally, she has a Master’s degree in Education. As if this wasn’t enough, Ms Cyndi is also an entrepreneur and a podcaster who serves her community through various professional roles. With a professional trajectory of over 30 years, Ms Cyndi provides well-rounded services for a variety of mental health and life issues and helps her client achieve their goals.

Everyone faces hardship and obstacles in their life. 

Ms Cyndi asks whether you will let this define you or whether you will deal with it to rise above. Her belief is that growth is always possible and that anyone can take control of their lives to overcome any doubts, fears, and worries they experience. 

Cyndi She is the founder of When in Need Coaching Solutions or WIN. This is a non-profit organization located in Cleveland, Ohio. WIN is committed to empowering people and inspiring them to create positive change in themselves, their families, their communities, and even society as a whole. The organization provides counseling, training, and coaching for individuals and families and works with adults and kids. The company offers support through any type of adversity. It is prepared to work with any situation that might arise, accompanying an individual or a family through a tough time.

Ms Cyndi’s mission is to improve individual lives through education, encouragement, and accountability, shifting unhealthy behavior patterns, emotions like fear, and complex experiences like self-doubt. When clearing the path and strengthening the will, anyone can reach their goals.

Ms Cyndi is speaking from experience here. She found herself facing a lot of hardship when her dad was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison. A life that had been stable until that point suddenly shifted. Ms Cyndi was only 10 years old and had to navigate all of it – welfare, supporting a single parent, and caring for her younger siblings. Despite these challenges, she was able to thrive, eventually being awarded for her efforts a variety of degrees, such as M.ED, LSW, and CMCP. While the journey has been difficult, Ms Cyndi has clearly seen the value of education and how it can help a person reach the height of their potential. 

The circumstances that Ms Cyndi faced have helped her become much more sensitive to the needs of vulnerable populations, particularly children of incarcerated parents, who face a high risk of facing adverse life circumstances, such as drug abuse, poverty, and more. These situations leave their mark, but they don’t have to define everything else about the individual and their life journey. Ms Cyndi works with people coming from truly destructive and difficult experiences to help them thrive and get rid of the toxic behaviors and ideas they might have about themselves. Anyone’s potential can be developed. WIN is a non-profit that reflects these ideas and the belief that people can always change and rise above their challenging past. Often, the obstacles we face are not external – they are internal, tied to our self-doubt and beliefs about what we deserve or don’t deserve or how worthy we are of becoming successful or many others. A difficult past, and especially one that leaves us vulnerable, can leave us believing bad things about ourselves. To overcome these, we often need an external perspective.


Ms Cyndi uses various unique techniques to approach the problem. She works collaboratively with her clients to build a plan that addresses their needs. She works with issues like finding the right goals, improving relationships, taking better care of oneself, starting a new business or a new enterprise, accomplishing one’s dreams, and more. In addition to personal coaching, she does small business coaching, focusing on how to develop and sustain a company. With thousands of clients over the years, Ms Cyndi brings a lot of experience to the table.

She is also a podcaster, running ‘The Conversation We Have to Have,’ a popular show that talks about anything and everything people need to hear. From what goes on in top corporate offices to the talk in the street, there are no taboo issues, and many loyal listeners tune in each week. The podcast focuses on expanding knowledge and empowering people to make positive changes in their lives. 

For Ms Cyndi, change comes in many ways, and she has tried to make her messages clear. She believes in the power of a positive mindset and learning about specific tools to manage the day-to-day challenges to overcome any difficulty with the right support. Her work has helped her encounter thousands of different stories and develop her own tools of the trade, drawing from fields like mental health services, coaching, anger management, spirituality, and more. This combination has helped her address many different issues in a way that is appropriate for the client’s needs and unique situation.

Ms Cyndi offers her services in Cleveland and, today, also internationally through virtual sessions. She can be reached through her Instagram @mscyndi_thelifecoach, where anyone interested in working with her for inspiration and achievement needs only to send a message with the word transform to take the first step in a journey of inspiration.



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