Female Vegan Indian Bikini Competitor and Nutritionist Coach Roshni Sanghvi talks about her Veganism lifestyle


Roshni Sanghvi is a path maker. She was the first bikini athlete from India to compete on a plant-based diet nationally. With her experience from being trained some of the best experts in the fitness industry, Roshni skillfully combines her knowledge about plant-based nutrition to help clients achieve their goals. Also, having a master’s in Clinical Psychology, Roshni often talks about wholistic growth and not just physical health. A huge part of her coaching is geared towards helping people adopt a positive body image and developing a healthy association with food. Let’s further explore Roshni’s one of a kind approach towards fitness and plant-based nutrition. 

What does day-to-day life look like for Roshni Sanghvi?

Mostly a lot of virtual and physical training sessions punctuated by planting with my puppy ;). I make it a point to hit the gym at least 4 times per week and squeeze in 1-2 yoga sessions per week. 

What is one thing all your clients have in common?

They are all following a plant-based diet ;). One prerequisite to work with me is being open to following a plant-based diet. I often have to say no to taking on some clients onboard who insist on me making them a non- vegan plan. 

How does a client diet change for weight loss and weight gain?

Not only does a meal plan, but everything concerning lifestyle changes and fitness routine changes based on the client’s goals. The programs I make for the clients change even based on gender, stress levels, and other factors. But basically, a weight gain plan focuses on fueling and recovery while a fat- loss plan focuses on boosting the body’s natural fat-burning mechanism and high volume/low-calorie foods. 

What do you see as a healthy lifestyle?


To be able to wake up without any muscle/ joint pains and work for 14 hours non stop without the body screaming for attention is a good lifestyle. There should be no aches and pains when your toddler makes you run around. Your digestion and immunity should be at peak performance at all times. Experiencing constipation, acidity, and gastric are all signs of a bad diet. 

What is one sport/ skill or type of workout you would like to add to your life in the future?

Pole- dancing!

Closing of gyms in India due to Corona, how did it affect your business?

With regard to my digital training portal, I have seen more growth in the past few months than the entire 2019! With regard to my fitness center, though, of course, it’s taken a huge hit for us. Itching to start soon and bounce back.

One celebrity/influencer you would love to meet in person?

Dana Linn Bailey.

What sort of training do you do and how often do you train?

I practice a variety of different forms of fitness and am always eager to explore more. Currently, I have been obsessed with combining yoga and animal flow. 

Supplements and Veganism? What are your suggestions and thoughts?

A supplement is (like the word says) a supplement to a bad diet. Depending on your health goals, activity level, and lifestyle, the requirements for certain supplements vary from person to person. A plant-based diet is naturally very high in minerals, vitamins, and fiber and naturally high in micronutrients. It does not require a lot of supplements. 

Top tips for people who are not able to work out due to Covid-19?

Everyone is able to work out; it’s really about prioritizing fitness. If you do not find a full one hour to exercise, though, break your fitness regimen into 6 short 10 min bursts of movements. If not even that, focus on lifestyle changes such as covering 7500 steps per day and nutritional changes till you find time for fitness. One dedicated hour to your body every day is 23 hours of freedom from diseases, why would you ignore it. That being said, if you think home workouts are boring or not challenging enough, try one of my digital classes, I promise you won’t be able to survive beyond 30 minutes and yet look forward to coming back :).

Where can people find you?

My website RoshniSanghvi.com or follow me on Instagram @roshnisanghvi.


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