She is a mental health advocate and talks about self-improvement and healing on her blog Chrissystarotlife!


Hi! My name is Chrissy, and I am the owner of ​​! Surprisingly, there’s not much tarot on the website! Chrissy’s Tarot Life is all about self-improvement, healing, and self-acceptance.

I am a mental health advocate. I believe everyone deserves ​healing and stability. Nobody deserves to suffer. My mission is to help break down walls. We all experience hardship or trauma at some point or another in our lives. And often, some of us don’t know how to cope. Leaving many to their own means. As a result, these protective or “coping mechanisms” we create actually end up harming us more.

Chrissy’s traumatic life. Chrissy’s healed life.

I came to this place after a lifetime of on-again, off-again trauma. I’m 37 now. I had no clue how life worked and how I was supposed to be doing it. As a result, I kept falling back into the same painful black pit. Despite my efforts to try and change things, it never seemed to stick.

I was at least approaching things right. I changed how I interacted with the world. I tried being a “better person.”

But the want-to without the know-how is useless. A few months before the pandemic hit, I had had enough, and for the second time in my life. I completely stepped back and away from society in an attempt to heal and figure things out once and for all.

As I mentioned, I had done this once before. Although I did learn a lot that first time, I didn’t learn enough. I think I just got angsty and stepped out of that incubation-type thing I was doing too soon.

But this last time, I was beyond broken and told myself I wasn’t going anywhere until I figured things out once and for all. I pretty much incubated myself and just went within.

For the love, for the patterns.

But why was doing this so important? This isn’t a part of my website or my mission, but it’s important because it’s the ​why​. I am a completely solo mom to a little one, and everything falls on me. Her mental health is so extremely important to me. There is literally no way I could allow my daughter to grow up having the mental issues myself and my parents before me had.

Since I am about the only person in her life, I HAD to get it together. Yes, mentally. And yes, that is a top priority. My daughter will grow up mentally balanced no matter what it takes. She won’t suffer a mental imbalance like our family and lineage have battled with. Not on my watch.

But it starts with me. She already has many factors against her due to circumstance, so if I want this to be successful, then I have to fight twice as hard.

Who is Chrissy’s Tarot Life?

My early years of life were traumatic and unstable, so I had no idea how to do even the basic things in life. You wouldn’t know that if you met me today! In this very challenging yet super rewarding journey to figuring out life, Chrissy’s Tarot Life was born.

However, nowadays, I feel ​light​; I feel ​free.​ But I will always remember how HARD IT IS. I know that so many people do not speak up. Because it feel’s like no one listens. No one gets it. You just feel so alone in that place.


I want to shine a light on the fact that it’s OKAY to feel displaced. We’re told to stop it and get over it or get help. That does nothing literally. We need to first feel validated like someone actually​ ​gets it! That little part about being validated is actually ​huge.​That validation is where the drive for success is planted. Being validated is where the first dose of healing happens.

I’m not a doctor, I’m just a person. But I’m a person with experiences. I’m also a person with a love for psychology and all things human behavior! I’m also a fan of the esoteric spiritual world. An odd mix, I know! I’m an avid researcher and find interesting theory in these things. But I have a lot of experience, too.

I want to help ​validate.

There is so much power that validation holds. It’s literally the heart and the soul of the matter. Results can be things like acceptance, fear, shame, happiness, love, disregard, to name a few. In the wrong setting, it can easily be met with some of the negative tones.

We don’t just feel validated, right? No. We need to hear that the person has or is, in fact, going through exactly what we are. This is most powerful when it comes from someone we look up to. Someone who may be “successful”.

Inspiring new series

I recently created an interview series where I plan to interview all types of people with unique and impactful stories in hopes of reaching the reader so they can see that they aren’t the only ones going through “x” (validation).

Have to admit, finding people to interview has been a challenge, though. But I will continue to search. I want people with a little darker, rougher story. Maybe someone who’s “figured it out”, in some aspect. I prefer finding people who are on the path to success but are open to sharing that they do still struggle from time to time.

When people hear from their favorite influencer or celebrity that they actually don’t have it all figured out, it is where the gold is. ​That​ is relatable. That is encouraging. That sparks ​hope​.

Chrissy’s mission

That wraps around to my mission. My mission is to show as many people as I possibly can that they are, in fact, validated and that they are also worthy of emotional stability and healing. Everyone is worthy of a normal and balanced life.

However, I want to note that I did launch the interview series with a few interviews with some tarot card readers! It’s a little off the grid from what I’ve described above, it’s not as heavy. But since my website does after all, have the title of “tarot” in it, I thought maybe I should have a few interviews with tarot readers! I do feel; however, that tarot can be a fantastic device for healing and inspiration, and I wanted to share that. Those can be seen ​here​.

Where Chrissy stands now

Where I stand now is I’m enjoying the process. The journey has been rewarding and fun. A lot of work! Creating a website and starting a business takes so much of your time and dedication. Combine that with being a solo parent, and you have a full plate on your hands! But no complaints here! I enjoy every bit of it! I’m sure the inner peace I’ve found has helped with that. I’m living it with drive and purpose now. It’s a fantastic place to be.

Call for stories!

I’m looking for anyone who wants to be apart of a greater effort towards collective healing. If you have a story of victory and triumph after hardship or trauma, I’m looking for anyone willing to share. Whether you are a celebrity, influencer, or a “normal” person with a big story, I’d love to hear it.

Do note that it would be shared in a published piece. However, you can share anonymously. But what I am looking for are stories of struggle, trauma, or any issue that was a roadblock in your life that you fought your way through until you found acceptance and/or healing. Do you still struggle from time to time? What gets you through? What did it take to get you to the place of success? Let me know your story. Email me @


This is a Guest Post by Chrissy, Blogger and Spiritualist.


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