From being totally broke to earning a million dollars, Affiliate Marketer Attila O’dree shares it all…


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Attila O’dree, an Affiliate Marketer and Author of ‘From Zero to Super Affiliate.’

Hi, Please tell us about what it is that you do.

I am an entrepreneur by nature and a full-time affiliate marketer ever since 2008 when my wife suggested I look into what my friend Konrad from Mechbunny does for a living. To this day, I still do affiliate marketing, and it really changed my life. 

Please tell us more about your journey.

My journey? It’s quite a great story… I used to organize dance parties in Canada. It was doing super well, until one day the city decided to change the rules. That’s when I decided now’s the time to go international. So I moved to Serbia and organized big 5000+ people parties there, sadly it was a different market, not much disposable income, so I lost a LOT of money. Went totally broke. I had to quickly decide what to do; that’s how I discovered and the opportunity to build sites, SEO them, and then get paid every time I referred someone who signed up on a paid membership site.  

I did SEO up until 2012, when all the Google updates, Hummingbird, and the other animals made it super hard to rank stuff. That’s when I joined IMGRind, and later STM FORUM, and started with PPC ads. PPC ads allowed me to buy as much targeted traffic as I could afford and send it to CPA offers. That’s how I made my first million dollars in profit promoting app install offers Clean Master and DU Speed Booster on a global scale. Today I still do affiliate marketing and run the iAmAttila blog and also the iAmAffiliate forum, where we teach people how to do affiliate marketing. 

That’s great! Please tell us more about your blog. 

My blog iAmAffiliate was launched in 2013. Since then, I’ve been updating it even though Charles Ngo used to tell me, you know, bloggers quit in the first 2 years. Well, it’s been now 8 years; I am not quitting because, unlike people who start blogs with plans to drop a course, I started my blog out of passion because I am always doing, learning, and love to dump my mind and help others in the process indirectly. Many people asked me, “DO I COACH?” and my answer has always been no. “Will you release a course?” Nope, because courses always have outdated information. To meet demand, I created the #1 advanced affiliate marketing forum iAmAffiliate. People can join for only $50 a month and get 1 on 1 help from me and other big affiliates in the industry.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

Always learning, being persistent, and never giving up. Affiliate marketing is super hard; you have to always keep on learning new stuff because information and methods go out of fashion really fast. That’s why I hate fake gurus and their courses. They always talk about stuff that has passed, like dropshipping from China with Shopify. You just can’t do that anymore. I remember I launched a FREE just pay shipping store 5 years ago, selling sports teams bracelets, and it made profits super easily. Now it’s not like that, so all these gurus, aka ‘experts’ on Youtube, are just talking big and living in mom’s basement or bedroom with their roommates.  

Any message for our readers.

If people are interested in learning affiliate marketing, I highly recommend checking out my book ‘From Zero to Super Affiliate’ on Amazon. It’s the “Readers Digest” version of how to start affiliate marketing, with no fluff and filler. After getting a basic understanding of what affiliate marketing with paid ads is about, it’s a great idea to join the iAmAffiliate forum and start your first campaign. I’ll be happy to help anyone looking to master this through the forum. And of course, for free tips and methods related to affiliate marketing, read my blog on affiliate marketing at iAmAttila.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!



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