This Is Going to Hurt: The Truth Always Does by Author Michael Ernest offers deep reflections on the plight of Black communities


Michael Ernest is bringing his new book, This Is Going to Hurt: The Truth Always Does. It is a hard-hitting non-fiction piece that explores the author’s view on the reality of Black people, especially men, and the situation that they are currently living in, trying to dispel some common ideas and offer readers a new perspective on issues that can affect them every day and that have a huge impact on their lives.

The book comes from author Michael Ernest, who often presents himself as Brother Michael. He is a graduate of Lincoln University, formerly Ashmun Institute, the first Black college and university in the United States that started to give out degrees to their graduates, making it a huge part of history. Here, Ernest earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. He would go on to get a Master’s Degree from Wilmington University, focusing on social and behavioral sciences.

Michael Ernest

Ernest joined and worked actively with various institutions that promote justice, well-being, and other values, including the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporated and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He has contributed to the advancement of Black Greek Letter Organizations and Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Over the years, Ernest has gathered a lot of resources and knowledge to share with others to promote the humanitarian causes he truly believes in and to promote welfare for all. You can get This Is Going To Hurt: The Truth Always Does on Amazon:

This Is Going to Hurt: The Truth Always Does offers in-depth reflections on the current debate on Black communities, which Ernest provocatively describes as so-called Black communities, though perhaps not for the reasons a reader might assume. It is an accessible read that eases individuals with any level of literacy or understanding of the topics, providing interesting, in-depth discussions with a great deal of clarity through tools like dialogs and comprehensive examples. The goal is to tackle the truth head-on rather than shy away from it by challenging readers and especially Black readers, to stop being apologetic, as Ernest frames it.


It is, for sure, a book that can rattle some readers but is certain to inspire thought-provoking conversations and reflection. It explores taboo topics to get ideas started and also considers what is happening today in families, communities, and beyond and finds a solution to many issues. It is something written provocatively and with a lot of thought behind it, which is likely to inspire people to think, investigate, and get a better understanding. The book is definitely bold and intriguing, sure to become a favorite of many interested in the topics it touches upon.

It is already becoming more popular, being a highly sold book and earning solidly positive reviews from the community of readers. This is a book that is sure to make waves thanks to its rough and raw perspective, which becomes clear from the get-go with the title, which promises to give the readers the truth with no holding back.

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