Rendezvous with Treasure Marie Denise Jackson, Author of No Man’s Land.


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Treasure Marie Denise Jackson, Author of No Man’s Land.

Hi, Please tell us about yourself.

I am an African-American Writer From Houston, Texas.

Please tell us more about your journey.

I started writing at the age of 12. I kept on writing; I wanted to make movies, made tons of scripts, tried to make games. I was a very creative kid through my childhood.

Please tell us about your book, No Man’s Land.

I collaborated with GOD, a.k.a. Jesus Christ, to help me write this book.

No Man’s Land shares the story of Bonnie, Donald, and Dr. Markus, who are Russians, and they grew up in a cult community that, as a culture, killed Russians. You can read more about the book here.

This is because 1000 years ago there was a war and before the war Russians used to oppress the black people so the black people rose up, some good Russians helped the black people rise up and for a time after the black people won the war and got into rule they made laws to stop the oppression and things got calmer and people were arrested for racism.

One day, 1000 years later, a black ruler was dying, so he gave his crown to his nephew who hated Russians, and the nephew turned black people against the Russians and created a whole culture of hating the Russians. This started tensions between the two races and literally got babies killed, mixed people were killed along with their Russian parents, black people who made babies with them would be kicked out of the community that used to be Christians, and the nephew’s son started a culture of killing Russians 1 time a month on the 13th day of the month.

The book is about the struggles of the Russians in the land and their fight for freedom, peace & equality.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

I was a relatively normal kid. I had OCD growing up. I used to have a baby sister named Lola, who died at Birth; I don’t want her to become forgotten.

So, basically, it took me years to get my stories to take off.

It wasn’t easy, I started trying to create and become popular under the age of 11, so I wasn’t experienced.

I started making interactive games on Episode, and I published some, and they did get kinda popular, gathering in reads.

Any message for our readers.

Making stories is a great experience for everyone, to get your ideas out in the open, to change lives, share your story and promote the rights of others. Stand up for others’ rights; if you want a Christian book or more diversity, you can create a story with however much diversity you want.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can find more of my creations on my website

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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