Rendezvous with Alexander Ngu, Author of Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory.

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory is a new approach to intelligence and the interaction of intelligent systems. Developing a new and fascinating unified theory of intelligence and placing it within a philosophical framework, the book is a stimulating and intriguing read for anyone with interest in the topic. 

What is intelligence?

This is a definition that has eluded professionals for decades, and even today, there is a controversy concerning the concept to which author Alexander Ngu adds his own voice and ideas. The book examines the construct of intelligence and concepts like intelligent systems and the interaction between them. All intelligent systems are given a single, universal framework that explores the theorems of incompleteness proposed by Gödel and geometric unity and how these two theories come together to define and explain intelligence. In a paradoxical way, Ngu explores the topic of intelligence in-depth, completely, and incompletely, considering where it came from and how it emerged. 

Alexander Odilon Kosso Ngu is a logician born in Cameroon. In 2017, he founded New Globe Utiopia ™, a human-focused consulting organization that provides support in decision-making processes. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies and brings together the best and brightest professionals to offer the best possible guidance on the path to the best possible decisions. They use a method of intelligence to achieve profits through the management of human resources and the development of human potential. The consulting organization focuses on how to navigate uncertainty through the concept of intelligence, allowing clients to make better choices and acquire the necessary information.

Intelligent Systems

Alexander Ngu is the author of Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence TheoryIntelligence for the African Child, and NGU Theory, all 2021 releases. He believes that it is possible to understand and describe the relatively simple mathematical principles that underlie all systems and tie them with the topic of intelligence, which he attempts to do over a series of books. He also educates others on math and mathematical thinking.

Alexander Ngu’s New Globe Utopia™ provides consulting services that focus on decision-making and potential human management. It offers a way to achieve rapid and efficient improvements through incremental changes that are oriented towards the future. Uncertainty becomes a huge obstacle for most companies attempting to plan and prepare, but this organization offers tools for navigating this uncertainty and ensuring that the best possible decisions get made.

The book is an interesting and wholly new perspective rooted in mathematics and philosophy, working with concepts proposed by Gödel, Turing, and more authors. The book provides insights into topics like intelligence and uncertainty and tries to describe all in regards to this approach. Ngu’s proposition is novel, and the book is an interesting look into a new theory combining various fields of study. 

You can buy the book Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory on Amazon for Kindle or as a physical copy. Learn more about Alexander Ngu and his New Globe Utopia™ organization on their dedicated website.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Alexander. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Alexander, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about yourself.

I was born in Cameroon, West Africa, to a lineage of philosophers and thinkers. Most of the knowledge and understanding I have was genetically passed down to me.

As a polymath, I have the ability to master different fields of knowledge at a very fast rate. Being a polymath gave me the stamina to master many fields without exhausting myself.

Please tell us about your book, Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory.

I use the knowledge in this book to tackle every question or situation I encounter. It gives me the basic rules of how systems interact with each other, and because I understand that everything is a system, the same rules apply. I have had much success with this key.

Intelligent Systems

Any message for our readers.

This knowledge has given me the keys to maximizing myself as a biological system. If everyone else can have that same understanding, the world would be a better place.

I wrote the book organically. I have contemplated such existential questions since I was a child. The childlike curiosity never left me and helped me complete this book.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can reach me on my website and most social media sites with ngualexander. You can follow me on Instagram.


Thank you so much, Alexander, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!



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