Pastor Karen M. Izekor shares scriptures & prayer guides for your darkest moments in her book ‘He Kept Me’.


He Kept Me is a biography and Scriptural guide to overcoming the dark times from Karen M. Izekor. Coming on July 6 from Xulon Press, this inspiring new book focuses on the experiences of the author and how the word of God helped her overcome the darkest moments and build a life for herself even when facing insurmountable odds.

Karen is a Pastor who has decades of experience. Starting out as a homeless street evangelist, she has worked as a children’s pastor and a pastor for a refugee community. She is married, and her children and her whole family continue to serve God in any way that they can. She is a licensed and certified pastor who continues to spread the Word of God as she has done for years. Faith has been what Karen has offered the world and also the source of strength to overcome the difficult situations that she has faced.

Throughout her life, Karen M. Izekor has had to deal with many dark and difficult situations, any of which would represent a significant obstacle to a happy life. She has faced abuse, rape, kidnapping, racism, chronic illness and life-threatening conditions, she was a teen runaway, and she had to deal with more since an early age. While any of these situations could have stopped a person in their tracks, Karen never gave up and drew her strength from the Scripture and prayer. God guided her and healed her, and this is the experience she discusses in her book. 


He Kept Me is not just a biography, although the real and lived experiences of the author give it a lot of meaning and weight. However, it is also a guide to healing and overcoming trauma through Scripture and prayer. The book will help anyone who is dealing with rough times and past experiences to learn all about the healing power of God, something Karen knows firsthand and that she wants to share.

The book is likely to offer a source of strength to those who are going or have gone through a difficult situation and want to know how their faith and spirituality can help heal from this. It can provide a guide to connect with God through the Bible and through prayer and experience the power that faith brings for healing and becoming more resilient. Karen’s own experience testifies to the strength one can draw from their faith and their connection to a higher power, as today, she describes herself as a resilient woman of God despite everything that she has been through.

He Kept Me will be available from Xulon Press and is coming out on the major book platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You will be able to purchase it in hardcover or as an e-book. The book is likely to provide a lot of insights for people looking for solutions to past trauma through faith and the power of God, and it is based on the author’s own life.

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