Michael D. Dennis’s ‘MrDeadletters Vol. I’: A Sensual Poetic Odyssey Awaits You


Michael Dennis is better known as MrDeadletters. He is quite the figure in online poetry, and his sometimes passionate, sometimes romantic poems have found a lot of followers and have been a real hit with audiences. Now, his amazing poems are also available in book form in MrDeadletters Vol. I, a paperback or digital edition of many of his greatest works. 

Vol. I will take readers on a powerful, sensual, poetic journey that will help them connect with deep cravings, desires, and experiences. His work is all about the senses and the world of passion, love, lust, and all the associated emotional highs and lows. Dennis is known for his work in micropoetry, short bursts of inspiration, and images that can engage readers easily and provide a brief insight into something special.

Each verse was carefully selected from a long catalog of works that were published online. Michael D. Dennis has become known for some amazing online publications, and the official book provides the best of the best works that have already earned him the captivated attention of a large audience thanks to the ways in which the poet discusses love and sensuality.

The book is not afraid to delve into the spicier side of romantic attraction, but it doesn’t stay there. It also means to dig deeper and consider the ways in which the modern world lives and celebrates romance. Michael Dennis engages readers through a combination of intimacy and analysis, which is sure to promote reflection and poetic style and craft that are deeply engaging. There is a sense of vulnerability and genuineness that is also profoundly enticing, as the human heart is laid bare before the audience, with the good and the bad intertwined.

Each poem is a profound experience, easily shared with a cherished person, a lover, with words that are sure to mean a lot to people who share many things and experiences. There is a passion burning in each verse, and thanks to the micropoetry style, no word is wasted. For romantic or kinkier occasions, the book is certain to provide some beautiful, insightful words to share. Alone or together, Vol. It is certain to provide a great time with a lot of meaning behind it that is sure to linger with the readers.

MrDeadletters Vol. I is a book not to be missed by any fan of poetry and micropoetry in particular. Through careful curation, this is the best of the best of his renowned and solid online publications, full of love and passion.

Michael D. Dennis or MrDeadletters is an author, screenwriter, and award-winning playwright. He lives in Los Angeles with his family, a wife and two children. Dennis is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, where he received a degree in English Literature with honors.

You can find the book available on Amazon. Discover more about the author at www.michaelddennis.com and on Instagram. MrDeadletters is one among several exciting, engaging, and amazingly written works with many more certain to come soon from Dennis.