Meet Leva Styles, Author of ‘My Good Stuff: The Employee Performance Review Prep Journal’


My Good Stuff: The Employee Performance Review Prep Journal is a new journal and an amazing, comprehensive self-help tool for employees from distinguished author Leva Styles. It is a tool that helps employees track their contributions, achievements, and recognize their progress throughout the year.

A self-help tool, My Good Stuff is meant to support employees through the end-of-year review process. The tool is designed to reduce anxiety tied to the review process and guides employees in tracking their contributions throughout the year instead of waiting until the year ends.

The journal offers an efficient system that is easy to use. It includes journal prompts encouraging employees to capture current accomplishments and pushes them to think outside of their comfort zone in terms of productivity, engagement, and ways to improve in their day-to-day work responsibilities.

When employees limit their evaluation of their performance to only once a year, it can feel overwhelming. But a resource like My Good Stuff helps employees manage this process with much more certainty.

Employees can use the journal every couple of weeks to prepare for the end-of -year review which also helps them build confidence in their abilities while encouraging them to consistently discover what they excel at, focusing less on the negative and more on positive aspects of their skillset.

My Good Stuff will motivate you to improve not just your productivity but assist you in displaying your talents to others, developing lasting relationships, and achieving company objectives that matter.  It’s the perfect book for anyone aiming to enhance their productivity and remain motivated, ultimately arriving at the end-of-year review well-prepared.

My Good Stuff is not just designed for employees. This easy-to-peruse journal is great for managers, HR professionals, coaches, and mentors interested in guiding employees towards a successful career path.

Leva Styles offers an effective tool with efficient ways of tracking one’s contributions. A minimal investment of time on the front end will result in huge returns in the future for those employees seeking a confidence booster and career advancement.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Leva Styles. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Hi Leva, Great to have you with us today! Please tell our readers about yourself.

Hi, I do all things writing: editing, website reviews, book reviews, blogs, creating online courses (Udemy & Skill Success), and resume makeovers. With over 30 years in Corporate America, I’ve not only written and edited copy for both technical and personnel related areas, but have coached and provided guidance in employee onboarding, career development & advancement, mentorship, interviewing techniques, resume design & development.

Tell us about your book, My Good Stuff: The Employee Performance Review Prep Journal.

The My Good Stuff journal is an excellent self-help tool for employees. The book recognizes that the end-of-year review can be daunting and stressful, but it provides a practical solution to alleviate those anxieties. By encouraging employees to track their contributions and accomplishments consistently throughout the year, the book helps them recognize their Good Stuff and makes the review process more manageable.

What sets this journal apart is its efficiency. The My Good Stuff journal provides an easy-to-use system for tracking accomplishments, making it a valuable tool for managers, mentors, coaches, and HR professionals. The book’s practical advice and tips make it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to own their career and become a motivated, productive, and engaged employee.

Share your journey with our readers.

I decided to write this book because, throughout my career, I’ve spent time in the employee chair and the manager chair.

Often, employees dread the year-end performance discussions because they haven’t kept track of all the great things they accomplished over the year. Frankly, some may not even have Good Stuff to brag about because they just did what they were tasked with and didn’t explore other ways to excel.

Managers also dread performance discussions because if employees are missing the mark, or their performance is less than stellar, managers have to coach them on it. And, if employees return a fairly empty performance form, the manager is left with the time-consuming task of trying to recall what the employees did throughout the year.

The My Good Stuff journal is user-friendly, and it motivates employees to improve their productivity and visibility. It enhances the relationship between employees and their managers and colleagues, fostering better communication and engagement. It helps employees develop confidence in their capabilities and experience and encourages them to achieve company objectives.

Both managers and employees walk away from performance discussions with a feeling of accomplishment.

Any message for our readers? 

Don’t let life impede your legacy! If your legacy is to climb the corporate ladder, take steps now to do so. Your career is in your hands. Some employees sit and wait to be seen. But the go-getters and the true leaders are the ones that take control of their careers. They seek opportunities to assist and mentor others, they ask to participate in projects outside of their comfort zone, and they are willing to come to the aid of their team members during a crisis.

The My Good Stuff journal is a must-have for anyone looking to take hold of their career. I’m a walking testimonial that the advice in the journal works. I’ve progressed in my career, as a result, advancing from a clerk to an SVP.

Fantastic! So, tell us, how people can find out more about you.

You can follow me on Facebook Leva Styles, visit my website for more information, and purchase the book on Amazon!


Thank you so much, Leva, for sharing your time with us. We wish you all the best in your journey ahead!