Los Angeles based author Lindsay Taylor Dellinger impresses the audience with her book ‘Swipe Write’


“…I teetered dangerously somewhere between a four-legged furry friend and a one-way flight to a Mediterranean country where the fine men were just as abundant as the fine wine…” These are the musings of the author of a relationship journey that seems to be crashing and burning. But perhaps Tinder will save the day?

Swipe Write: A sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, always brutally honest account of 20 online dates with 20 different men is the hilarious, based-on-a-true-story book from Lindsay Taylor Dellinger. It is a funny and heartbreaking look at modern relationships and being a woman in a world of Tinder, social media, and heartbreak.

Lindsay Taylor Dellinger is an author, content creator, and editor. She comes from a fashion industry background, where she used to work as an art director. In 2021, Dellinger quit her high-profile, high-pressure job to become a full-time writer and also build a DIY home on wheels with her partner. Swipe Write is Dellinger’s first book, although it is not her first writing effort. 

Swipe Write combines funny and sad to create an honest, unflinching look at the modern dating scene. Here, she talks about her dates with 20 men she met online and what they all came to. 

Swipe Write was one of the five finalists in the non-fiction category for the Kindle Awards. The author’s unique sense of humor and willingness to be brutally honest make this a wonderful read, and between the real dating accounts, Dellinger provides vulnerable, raw glimpses into her childhood and previous relationships, with all the pain and heartbreak that entails.


Dellinger recounts 20 dates with different men, ranging from fun and charming to horrifying. In between these accounts, the author delves into reflecting on different topics related to relationships and also provides dating advice based on plenty of practice. You can find the book on Amazon:

Lindsay is heartbreakingly open about her dating, her years of therapy, her drinking habits, her travels alone, and her history, as vulnerable as it can get. She delves into her past, full of a lot of pain that she shares with the reader, taking the same unflinching view to provide a memorable experience. She talks about her tales of heartbreak and the lessons she has learned, which couples and singles can apply to improve their relationships and avoid the pitfalls of toxicity. Lindsay Dellinger examines what it means to unlearn and change an ongoing path full of poor decisions, picking emotionally unavailable partners, and going on online dates that sometimes stick to the shallow side of the pool. In the end, it’s a book about finding and building something real, even in a modern world that is sadly lacking in this regard.


If you want to learn more about the author, you should follow her on social media and also take a look at her website. Discover her Instagram @the_road_linds_travels. Dellinger makes a banging debut and is sure to offer many amazing reads in the future as well.