His dream of protecting people became his purpose! Check out Hiding in Plain Sight by Author Thomas LeBrun.


Hiding in Plain Sight – My Life & Adventures Protecting Celebrities is the thrilling book release from celebrity bodyguard and protector Thomas LeBrun. A true story and an effective one at that, the book offers insight into a unique profession and the work of someone who makes a living protecting those around him.

When he was just a kid, Thomas LeBrun was full of imagination and his dreams. One dream, in particular, became his purpose, and he told his dad at the tender age of five that he wanted to become just like Superman and fly around the world protecting people. This dream came true because it became a purpose, and it shaped a journey, and Thomas got to become a Superman who protects people by entering the field of security, a desire born out of his passion for protecting people.

For the past three decades, the author has been working in the Executive Protection industry, working to protect and guard some very important people, with many clients from the entertainment world in particular. He has worked in some of the most dangerous cities from Johannesburg to Rio de Janeiro, establishing himself as the advance agent in these places. 

The book covers his work and his training, which featured the theory in the form of anti-terrorism courses with the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board, maritime security, and executive protection. But, of course, there were also decades of practice and a journey of self-development in the physical aspects as well, as the author is a former champion powerlifter and a martial arts practitioner with Hall of Fame recognition. In addition, LeBrun has received awards for his work in executive protection as the specialist of the year in 1999 and 2005. 

Who has this real-life superhero protected? Some of his clients included Bill Gates, Elton John, and Whitney Houston. He has worked across forty-five countries. The book offers insight into some incredible adventures that he has had with the added bonus of real-life rather than fictional thrills. 

As the name suggests, the author has hidden in plain sight and used his considerable skills to ensure the security of others. This provides the reader with an exciting and striking account from a perspective that often goes unnoticed. It explains how much work goes into protection and all the adventures that occur related to it and all the planning and execution that goes along with each of these to ensure a happy ending for the client.

The field of executive protection involves a lot of work and is hugely important to ensuring safety, and the memoir opens a window into this amazing and usually ignored field. LeBrun’s own journey to fulfill his dream offers another thrilling tale with a lot of inspirational elements, showing how one man’s determination can make reality even something that appears as a pipe dream. 

Hiding in Plain Sight is sure to provide readers with a lot of insider knowledge and offer a glimpse into the glamorous and dangerous world of protection. It’s available on Amazon and all other major bookstore chains.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the author Thomas LeBrun. Here are the excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Thomas, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do.

For the last 35 years, I have been involved with the close protection industry; in layman’s terms, it’s a more professional term than being a bodyguard. 

Can you please tell us about your journey?

My journey working in the Entertainment and persons of High Net worth has taken me to 45 countries which included some of the most dangerous countries in the world

Please tell us about your book, Hiding in Plain Sight: My Life and Adventures Protecting Celebrities.

Hiding in Plain Sight: My Life and Adventures Protecting Celebrities is his side of what it’s like to guard celebrities. Discover my drive, determination, and grit. Delve deep into the fundamentals of what it takes to become a master martial artist and the perseverance needed to run a security business globally.

*He might be a master of hiding in plain sight, but Thomas’ tell-all memoir exposes real, dangerous situations, criminal masterminds, and the harsh reality of guarding influential and powerful people* 

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

My strategies for becoming successful is to be patient, which would apply to all industries. Gather as much information as you can often within your profession. Seek out mentors as I have to create your knowledge base, but don’t stop there. Physically I train all the time

Any message for our readers.

Find your path, create your signature, become the best version of yourself in life and business.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

I can be found on most social media sites for serious inquiries only. You can follow me on Instagram @tom.lebrun.31.


Thank you so much, Thomas, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!



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