Hem Shan helps students develop the right skills for job market via his book ‘Basic Skill Development for Fresh Graduates and Professionals’


It’s not easy to enter the job market right out of college. For some people, it can feel like an impossible task because they don’t know where to start or how to promote their skills, or even what skills they will need to know. Often, this is not helped by college support centers that share outdated or confusing advice. Basic Skill Development for Fresh Graduates and Professionals is a guide that is meant to help anyone trying to navigate the difficult process of finding a job after college.

The book offers a practical and effective guide for developing and enhancing the necessary professional skills to enter the job market. It targets fresh graduates who are likely to face this kind of challenge for the first time. It centers on the most current and relevant skills that are supported by updated examples and the trends that are useful today.

Author Hem Shan makes the promise that a graduate who masters all the skills that are included in the book is certain to succeed in facing whatever challenges the workplace will throw at them. The book uses effective learning strategies that include positive examples and anti-examples to allow the readers the best support. 


Hemachandran Shanmugasundaram is a Global Experience expert in project, program, and portfolio management. He is an engineer and has a master’s in business administration, as well as a multitude of qualifications, courses, and advanced skill techniques. Throughout his life, he has faced a variety of challenges in the workplace that have allowed him to become familiar with the job market on an international market.

The book stands out thanks to its clear target audience. The guide is certain to make an amazing gift for young graduates or a useful investment for people who are hoping to enter the job market after their educational journey has stopped. This can be a sudden and anxiety-inducing shift, so having a guidebook that takes the graduate through practical and current examples is incredibly useful. You can find the guide on Amazon:

This is certain to be appreciated by young graduates, but it can also benefit people entering the market after a long pause, for instance, mothers or people off caring for sick relatives. It can also help people who have been working but feel that they are not up-to-date on current skills, the demands of a different field or workplace, or who want to refresh their job presentation skills before applying.

The book is written in clear and concise language with respect for the reader’s time. The examples come from real life and include both positive and negative options to illustrate the points and is focused on skills that benefit the market as it is now. 

The book is also available at Barnes and Noble and Booktopia. The book is certain to help a lot of readers, looking for a reliable and current guide to enter the job market, targeting young graduates and their specific questions, doubts, and needs at the moment of transitioning between school and work.