Getting the perfect job would no longer be difficult once you read Author Brian Fenerty’s book ‘Find a Job You Love and Get the Job You Want’


Professional career coach Brian Fenerty is bringing his new book Find a Job You Love and Get the Job You Want: The Only Job Hunting Guide You Need, Ace Your Interview, and Get the Job You Want. This is a perfect guide for anybody who is feeling lost in the complicated, tough job market that everyone is facing or who is considering a change of career. The book is a great option to walk the readers through each step of their job search and ensure that they have the best chances of landing the right position and find satisfaction in their work lives. 

The guide comes from Brian Fenerty, who works with people looking for work and those hoping to make their careers better. He has been in the recruitment industry for over 25 years and brings this expertise to better support each individual client in their unique process. Here, Fenerty will do the work that needs to be done to motivate, inspire, support, solve problems, and more to ensure that their coachee gets to where they want to get. After many years of recruiting people, he now turns that expertise to help each customer make the right move in their career. Fenerty also continues to work with customers directly and offers them the best coaching to support and grow their careers.

You can get the book Find a Job You Love and Get the Job You Want: The Only Job Hunting Guide You Need, Ace Your Interview, and Get the Job You Want on Amazon: 

Brian works to develop people and help his coachees succeed internationally. He advocates for hard work and risk-taking on the path to deep satisfaction and stability. His coaching centers on high-achieving individuals who want to develop their strengths and live their values, as well as to help people discover their calling and pursue career changes. Fenerty specializes in helping people find work through true and tried methods, without miracle solutions, but with their actual effort and a focus on finding a job that they will love.


Fenerty’s guide sticks to the same principles as his coaching. It is centered on things that the reader can do to get work that they will love but will not help them find a job they will hate. There are no simple, no-work solutions. However, there are real options and actionable steps that ensure that the reader will have the best chance at finding work. 

Getting a job is not easy, whether you are beginning your career or shifting to a new field. Find a Job You Love and Get the Job You Want is a great option to support anyone who is going through the process or wants to begin the search.

You can also learn more about the author and even get a career coaching session from him directly here

We had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Fenerty. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Brian, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your book, Find a Job You Love and Get the Job You Want.

Hi, the book Find a Job You Love and Get the Job You Want: The Only Job Hunting Guide You Need, Ace Your Interview and Get the Job You Want can help people do well in the job-seeking process. I know from experience that it can be a challenge.  

I have been in the recruiting and talent acquisition function for decades and have been lucky enough to work for some great companies along the way. And because of this, I have some clear insights that may help you stand out in your next job search. 

Finding a job you love, once you have discovered your purpose, is within reach for everyone. Often times it is just a matter of planning and research, taking advice, and getting outside our comfort zone. 

Please share with our readers about your journey. 

I started my career in recruiting in Japan and learned a specific set of skills there that helped me segue into other markets and eventually into corporate jobs. I really could have used this book 15 years ago myself and had to learn a lot of this through trial and error. 

I discovered by interviewing thousands of candidates and being involved in thousands of hires that it is not that hard to stand out in the interview process when you prepare ahead of time. The book is a collection of specific tactics that can be used to do that and to make sure you are making the best impression you can in the limited time you have to shine.

Any message for our readers. 

I hope everyone will find a job they love. We spend over 70% of our life at work, and makes little sense to invest that much time in anything that does not fulfill our purpose. 


Thank you so much, Brian, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!