Cosmetologist and Master Stylist Dionne James Shares Her Success Journey in ‘The Hustle is Real’


The Hustle is Real is the new book from Dionne James, an exciting and useful guide that will help entrepreneurs from all industries, but especially those working in beauty, improve their work and create solid organizations that can become big names in the industry, as Dionne James herself has done.

Dionne James is a cosmetologist with over twenty years of experience in the beauty industry, specializing in hair care, and in those two decades, her work has been featured massively across all media, including TV shows like Married at First Sight and magazines like Hype Hair and Black Beauty. Her work has been featured on the Lifetime Movie Network. James is an experienced educator who has shared her knowledge and expertise with thousands of students from all over the world, doing a lot of charitable and volunteer work in the process.

Dionne James pioneered natural hair for women and opened the first Natural Hair Care Salon in Richmond, Virginia, when she was just 20, helping usher in a future where natural hair was mainstream and widely accepted, as well as creating techniques and options for caring for natural hair. In addition to her work as a cosmetologist, James is an entrepreneur and business owner who has gone through obstacles and challenges to get to a point where she can feel successful and give back to her community.

The-Hustle-is-RealDionne James tells her story, an exciting tale of overcoming and resourcefulness, which began when she was just five years old and blossomed into something special, cultivating a particular passion that would remain with her throughout her life. James shares how she thrived in a highly competitive industry and how she worked on becoming a millionaire. The author offers first-hand experiences that are sure to interest anyone with a passion for the hair or beauty industry or generally as an entrepreneur. Salon owners, industry professionals, current and future business owners are certain to benefit from the business sense and the experiences that Dionne James shares candidly in her book, talking about what it means to be a Master Stylist and business owner, with all the good, the bad, and the dirty.


Dionne James offers a story full of interesting details, first-hand experience, and useful know-how that is certain to help those working in beauty and hair care especially. She is known for being a pioneer, someone who always looks for new solutions and new opportunities, as her career illustrates. The book offers a lot of insight into the workings of a complex industry that brings billions every year and a lot of ideas on how to thrive in it. Those within the cosmetology field or looking to enter it are sure to find a lot of information full of insider tips.

You can find the book on the websites and Essenceofbraiding.comThe Hustle Is Real is sure to interest those interested in the ins and outs of the beauty industry, but also provides a compelling narrative of Dionne James’s own career, struggle, and growth that allowed her to become a successful entrepreneur.