‘Be proud of your identity and culture’, says Author David Howell


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Mr. David Howell. 

PaxJones: Hi Mr. David Howell and what is it for us to talk about today.

Mr. David Howell: Well, I have written an article that I feel is a taboo subject, which is the past great women who look white or being politically correct Caucasian but are African -American, African- Caribbean.

I wrote this article, because we are now in the 21st century categorizing the people of another color as if we are in the dark ages…

PaxJones: Why would you feel this way in this latter-day of 2020?

Mr. David Howell:  Well, for instance, one of these women is Mariah Carey. Obviously, most of the general public and her fanatics accept that she is African American. Actually, she is Mixed-Race African American.

PaxJones: Do you think this is widespread popular thinking in the media or in the general way of life?

Mr. David Howell: Well, I think there are a lot of old fashioned people even in this world today, and there is no law against it. Don’t get me wrong, but it would be nice for all of us to feel or come into the 21st century.

PaxJones: What inspired you to write this article?

Mr. David Howell: By rights, this a funny story. Well, I heard that my great-nephew Riley, who is a mixed-race, had a run-in with his teacher in school. I think he was in junior school, and he was telling his teacher that he was black by rights, of course, mixed-race African Caribbean. His father, my nephew, is mixed-race. He is in the old school quarter cast but still African Caribbean because although he looks white European, he is still the African Caribbean. As it stays in their DNA for a good 100 years for sure.

Why are you looking at me like that I was not gonna fight her she was a female teacher. I wrote the article instead to address it. Can we go to the next question, please? 

PaxJones: David, did you research this article, and did you find any interesting facts?

Mr. David Howell: Well, yes, and it took me a good 7 months to research this article, and my greatest find in this is Marilyn Monroe. As I found out that she is half-Mexican, which is unbelievable, and it goes as far back to her Grandfather, who was born a year before the American civil war. And Monroe is her real family name. Her Grandfather Otis Elmore Monroe was born in 1866, amazing Huh…  

So, Marilyn Monroe is Mixed- Race Latina, end of the story. You are giving me that funny look again…

PaxJones: According to my research, you have looked after famous people throughout your career and is the author of An Ode For a prayer, and several children’s books. Did any of these celebrities help you with your article?

Mr. David Howell: Well, no, and I tell you why most of my research I did deep on the internet. Meaning, I researched this to hell. Hence, I got information about Marilyn Monroe. Trust me, celebrities make me look like the knowledge and wisdom of the earth, really. What, why are you looking at me like that again?

PaxJones: Last question what did you want to achieve throughout by publishing this article?

Mr. David Howell: Well, just for the Mixed-race children to know and be proud of their identity. And, not to know that they have to forget their other identity and culture.

Oh please, you kissed me, what that was for?

That is for all the mixed-race children and people in the world. 

Thank you is that the end of the interview, I can go home now, right?

Yes, Thank you so much! Our readers can check the article here.


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