Award Winning Author Mimi Novic shares Secrets for an Inspirational Life in her Podcast Series


Mimi Novic is an Award Winning Best Selling Author whose name and work is amongst the top self-help and spiritual authors of modern times. Her expertise has made her renowned internationally. She is ranked amongst the most popular and highly demanded self-awareness teachers in the fields of self-help and spiritual growth.

Mimi is also a complementary medical practitioner, voiceover artist, and motivational speaker. She works around the world in clinics, hosting retreats, and on a one to one basis. She has collaborated with some of the most well respected and well-known therapists, coaches, healers, and professionals in their field.

Also known for her work as a lifestyle coach with high profile clients and celebrities, yet she remains a philanthropist in her charity work. Mimi has built a world-class reputation for her ability to bring together powerful and influential people who work in synchronicity to bring the best possible well-being and life-changing experiences for clients across the world.


Here is the Amazon link of a recent book that she has written:

Essence Of Being

The Essence of Being captures the beauty that self-realization and the road to our awakening, is only ever a breath away.


Brilliance Of Dawn

The Brilliance of Dawn brings you powerfully closer to the answers in finding the best path to travel upon to find the meaning of your life. And, awakens you to take the mystical road to self-realization.


Check out her recent albums:

Realms Through Eternity

Awakening Oasis

Harmony Of Malaika


Secrets For An Inspirational Life is her new Podcast Series. Find the purpose of your life and celebrate each moment with thoughtful, inspiring ideas for your health, life, spirituality, and all beautiful things. 

You can check out her website and Youtube channel. You can connect with her via Instagram and Facebook.


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