Anupa Rao is helping people feel better through her book ‘Breakthroughs’


Breakthroughs—Stories, Poems and more to heal & find your higher self through it all by Anupa Rao is a representative of a genre of books that focus on healing and helping people overcome their own troubles and also find peace in novel ways. It is full of positive energy and ideas that are sure to provide a pick-me-up for the readers.

Breakthroughs is a collection of stories and poems, all short and concise, to offer inspiration to live more fully and positively. You can find a higher purpose by reflecting on the ideas of the book, always expressed in a hopeful, optimistic way.

Breakthroughs by Anupa Rao features a series of topics that can encourage people to feel good about themselves, focusing on ideas like love, motivation, mental health, healing, reducing stress, and more. It is a book that has been written with a lot of empathy and understanding, with a compassionate tone that can easily resonate with people from all walks of life.

The book features various short pieces combined to create an experience readers can have in one sitting or to spread over several days, weeks, or months, dipping in and out of the volume. Each piece stands on its own, providing a dose of hope and inspiration for a life that’s not always as we want it to be. 

Anupa Rao has a medical background, an interest in mental health, and a lifelong passion for helping others. In this spirit, she first began sharing her writing and her ideas and found, to her surprise, that others responded to them with a lot of enthusiasm. Many people began to follow her work, which culminates at this point with Breakthroughs.


The book offers a selection of quality pieces that explore motivation, mental health, positivity, and more. In addition, each text offers something new and exciting, making it a great option for a reader looking for a pleasant experience that goes deep and allows them to comfortably explore a variety of topics.

The book is likely to find a lot of readers among those looking for better self-help literature with a fiction twist and literary quality. It might also be a choice for those in a tough spot who want to find inspiration to overcome their difficulties, whether these involve life stressors or something more serious. Breakthroughs has seen a warm reception from audiences on websites like Amazon.


You can find Breakthroughs by Anupa Rao on Amazon, where it is already growing in popularity as a mix between fiction, non-fiction, and self-help, with a lot of inspiration to offer to its readers. You can also find more about it here. The book is available as an ebook for most devices, including Kindle.

If you want to engage more with the author’s work, make sure to follow her on Instagram @anupa9989. Anupa Rao is sure to offer a lot more positive and fascinating content that can cheer people up, help them, and explore difficult topics like mental health in an accessible way.