Get a blend of music and mystery with Music Artist Deadphonecalls’s latest music video ‘Revolution Day’.


DPC or Deadphonecalls is an artist that offers a fusion of music and mystery, with their songs having a deeper layer of mysticism. The music seeks to open windows that point to other worlds and dimensions, work in symbols and numbers that signify a divine presence surrounding the world and each individual.

The artist tries to approach the spiritual, divine essence and work in the mystical interpretation of the world and its nature, its vibration, and the deeper meanings linked to the unknown. Drawing inspiration from artists like David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, The Cure, Killing Joke, Nick Cave, The Clan of Xymox, and many others, Deadphonecalls creates a dark, strange, and obscure approach to music that is unique and holds deeper ideas and ideals as well.

DPC or dead phone calls is an unusual name. It comes from the phenomenon of the calls from the dead, where individuals talk about receiving calls from people who have been deceased for some time. The phenomenon has gained a lot of attention and inspired various books and articles that explore it. Hence, it is considered a part of the electronic voice phenomena or EVP. Deadphonecalls is, then, a name that brings to mind messages of mystic significance and involves an exploration of the deeper meanings of sound and words.

The recent release from the artist is Revolution Day, a bold and challenging track that features complex lyrics hiding a deeper meaning. The track is full of energy and power with thrilling guitar riffs that offer a message of resistance and resilience.

Revolution Day comes with a pitch-perfect music video shot in Prague. Done in black and white, it creates a connection with the listener, showing the deeper message and ideas that DPC wants to express. Stylish and engaging, the music video boosts the energy and mysticism behind the song, taking it to new levels.

Revolution Day and other work from this artist are sure to be enjoyed by non-conformists, those who like understanding the world from a new perspective and discovering a new mystical and spiritual reality. With electronic, rock, and punk vibes, the song is sure to please those looking for artists that work outside the mainstream and are not afraid to include challenging ideas in their music and use their art as a call to a deeper understanding of reality. Those with interest in mysticism and unexplained aspects of the world might find a lot to contemplate here as well.

You can subscribe to the artist on YouTube and find his work on Instagram and other platforms. The video for Revolution Day, a contemporary and beautiful work of art shot in Prague, is up on the platform. Make sure to stay tuned for new releases from this musician who explores mysticism and spiritual truths through his work, creating something challenging and magical. His pieces are unique and offer a complex set of lyrics, themes, and sounds to appeal to those who want to listen to something novel, unique, and mind-expanding as well.



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