Feel the Flow: Experience the Soulful Universe in ‘Best of Willy T and the S.P.I.’


Willy T’s music has been compared to the likes of Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, The Isley Brothers, and Bruno Mars. Some say that He’s as Silky-Smooth as’ ’Smokey” Robinson. Willy T, the former Capitol Records Recording Artist and Founder of ‘Space People Inc./ Space Ghosts Records and Publishing Co, has worked with some of the most talented Recording Artists, Musicians, Songwriters, and Producers in the music industry.
Signing a 7-year ten album deal off the street with Capital Records, “Space People,” in his mid-20’s Willy T. performed as Songwriter and Producer, Lead and Background Vocals, and played Drums and Percussions on many studio sessions and Recorded Records.

Currently, his latest project is coming to you from the New Music Store; 4TheRealRnBMusic.com, lends his Extraordinary Vocals, Writing, Producing, and Arranging Skills to this 12-Song-Soulful Original.
New Album CD – “Best of Willy T and the S.P.I.”

Willy T exhibits an expansive vocal range and incredible spontaneous agility and color. His Lyrics and Music express and emit Positive Energy “Universal love, laughter, dance, Sex, good times, and Uplifting messages, directed at cultivating Self-Esteem.

As a former Capitol Records recording Artist, Willy T has been able to hone an original and unique sound to his music. Blending the genres of R&B, Da-Funk, Pop, Dance and Soul, he is able to curate tracks that can move the people who listen.

For more than 25 years in the music industry, Willy T continues to showcase his expansive range and color through the tracks he shares with us. His lyrics and music aim to express universal love, good times, and cultivating self-esteem.

The musical Feeling and Flowing sounds which Willy T refers to as “Oceanic” Blends Soul, Da-Funk, Pop, Dance, and of course, “The Real R&B. Of which all can be heard on the CD’s, Single Release “School Yard Fun’. Featuring background lead vocal by Marsha (Star) Thompson from the Exciting New Released
12-Song-Soulful Original New Album CD – “Best of Willy T and the S.P.I.

Co-Produced by: The Late-Great Barry Fasman’ Famed Platinum Award Winning Composer/Arranger/Producer of Air Supply /S.K.Y./
The Bay City Rollers, among many others, and Re-mixed and mastered by: Close Friend ‘Shane August at Enchant Entertainment.

This CD promises to please All that sit down (IF YOU CAN WITHOUT MOVING) to listen. Willy T, states that ‘It is Our overview that we believe in Solar Unification, and we wish that our music will carry the message of love,
Hope, Joy, and Peace! “And May Your Time in Space Be Always P-O-S- I- T- I- V- E. “

ALL Songs are Produced, Written, Arranged, and Performed by Willy T Thompson (p)(c)2022. CD Baby Pro Artist / CD Baby Pro Publishing Administrator for ‘Space Ghosts Publishing Co (B.M.I.) /
With CD Baby Duplication & Distributions 2022. Music Store: 4TheRealRnBMusic.com.

Musicians: Willy T: Lead & Background Vocals/Drums/Bass Keyboards/Harvey Fleming: All Keyboard
Over Dubs and Background Vocals/ Ellis: Backgrounds vocals/Marsha Thompson: Lead background vocals on: ‘School Yard Fun/
All Horns & String arrangements by Willy T, Harvey Fleming, and Barry Fasman/ All Saxophone work by “The Sounds of Alan Talbert/
Additional Musicians: Jeff Bree: Lead & Bass Guitar/ Jerry Benjamin: All original Rhythm Guitar tracks/ Wayne Vaughn: All Keyboards on
“Astro Love/ Kenny Pierce, Charles Faring, Cannon Arnold Lead and Rhythm Guitars/ Special Shot Out!…
Darrell Nelson: Bass Guitar ‘Space People 4ever) and Michael Boddicker: 3 times National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences / Most Valuable Player ‘Synthesizers.