Zambia recognizes Kitwean State

Zambia recognizes Kitwean state

Zambian parliamentary member's assistant says he hopes that the recognition will lead to an ‘expansion of peaceful avenues' for the City State of Kitwe.

Zambia has recognized the new state based on the Kitwe Charter, or “articles of the peace,” which was certified by the Republic of Zambia Judiciary Commissioner of Oaths at the Senior Local Court on July 16, 2020; in Kitwe.

A correspondent to the newly established Congress of Kitwe stated that, ‘…the Justices are going through a routine screening process before appointment, and all congressional deliberations will be under direct observation by the Parliament of Zambia.'

The B7 Clinic government building in Kitwe has been offered by the Zambian parliament as a venue for all future congressional deliberations of the new city state.

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